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Elevating Building Standards

StoVentec Rainscreen Systems

StoVentec Rainscreen systems are a groundbreaking advancement in the plastering industry. Expertly designed to manage moisture, they offer dual-layered protection. An outer layer efficiently repels rain, while an inner layer addresses any residual moisture. This ensures buildings remain dry, extending their lifespan and minimizing maintenance costs. At Sessa Plastering Corp., we specialize in delivering StoVentec Rainscreen system solutions that make structures as durable as they are visually breathtaking.

Your Partner in Advanced Building Solutions

Moisture control is only the beginning. StoVentec Rainscreen systems are comprehensive building protection solutions, offering a range of options including glass, render, masonry veneer facades and sub-construction systems. Each option provides unique benefits, catering to various architectural needs and design preferences. Whether your project calls for the sleek aesthetics of glass, the versatility of render, the classic appeal of masonry veneer facades or the modularity of sub-construction systems, our team at Sessa Plastering Corp. has you covered.

Safety, Efficiency, and Design Converge

When you have StoVentec Rainscreen systems installed by our team at Sessa Plastering Corp., you can count on your project to look and perform as designed for years to come. These systems are meticulously manufactured and installed to offer superior weather tightness, shielding buildings from the harshest of elements. But the protection doesn’t stop there. StoVentec Rainscreen products are also exceptionally fire resistant. Coupled with its exceptional thermal performance, buildings equipped with StoVentec Rainscreen systems are also energy efficiency, leading to significant savings in heating and cooling costs.