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Harmonizing Design and Acoustics

Acoustical Plastering

Modern buildings demand environments that effectively manage sound. At Sessa Plastering Corp., we specialize in bringing this quality to museums, entertainment venues, office complexes and other commercial properties, through our skilled application of acoustical plastering. We have honed our skills and invested in the latest techniques to consistently deliver high-performance results. Our acoustical plastering blends the fine art of aesthetics with the hard science of sound enhancement. We use premium products from renowned brands such as BASWA Acoustic, StarSilent and Fellert, to ensure that your project is pleasing to both the eye and ear.

Balancing Form and Function

The brilliance of acoustical plastering lies in its dual benefits. In addition to its defining performance features, it provides a customizable finish that can be tailored to seamlessly blend with any design aesthetic. That means you don’t have to sacrifice style when addressing the unique challenges presented by spaces where sound clarity and ambient noise reduction are paramount. Using trusted products from our partner brands, we offer our clients a solution that is simultaneously functional and visually stunning. Our elite craftsmanship and depth of experience enables us to create effective sound dynamics in spaces with curved, flat, domed and vaulted features.

Fine-Tuned Process

Our commitment to acoustical plastering goes beyond application. It’s a delicate balance of selecting the right formulation, applying it with precision and understanding how a given space interacts with sound. Every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to excellence. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured your finished project will feature ideal acoustic and aesthetic properties.